About Used Cummins Trucks

Bringing used Cummins trucks to every diesel customer in the United States and beyond, John “The Diesel Man” is the largest dealer of quality hand picked 2nd Generation Dodge Cummins Diesel Trucks in the World. He offers those extremely rare clean Cummins trucks with a warranty on every truck. You get what you pay for when you buy from John. In addition to selling used Cummins trucks, his company, Fast Lane Diesel (NYDiesels), is registered as a New York State automotive repair facility, and fixes a full range of heavy-, medium-, and light-duty diesels. He stocks every part on the shelf for the trucks he sells and spends days, sometimes weeks getting his trucks ready for sale. Each truck has a name, and they are extremely exceptional, John explains that these trucks are like his children, he spends so much time making them right and he has the upmost pride in his product. He likes all of his trucks to be stock, just like when they came out of the factory, he does have a full line of “custom” JDM or John The Diesel Man Cummins diesel trucks that builds from the ground up. Some with over 1000 hp! The business also undertakes detailed collision and paint work, and has vehicle fleet maintenance capacities geared toward business owners and corporate customers.

Fast Lane Diesel strives to provide tailored solutions that meet customers’ needs for rides designed to last for years. Manufactured since 1919, the high-performance diesel engines are suitable for intensive pulling and industrial use.

John “The Diesel Man” is a longtime industry presence who started in the truck sales business at age 16 and quickly expanded into selling motorcycles. Following a successful career building motorbikes and stunt riding, he established his current diesel dealership. He is a Cummins Specialist, and in addition to dealing in used Cummins trucks, John maintains diverse entrepreneurial ventures and transacts in boats, real estate, guitars, the music business, entertainment business, acting, muscle cars, and Dodge Diesel vehicles.


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